1st Transnational project meeting

The kick-off meeting was held in Kėdainiai, Lithuania on 28th February – 1st March, 2022.

The kick-off meeting of the TREE project was organized by Kedainiai Vocational Educational Training Centre in Kėdainiai, Lithuania, on 28th February and 1st March 2022.

During the meeting, partners discussed about the development of the first project’s result, the TREE Methodological Material. In fact, each partner shared with the others an overview of the status of the activities’ implementation, highlighting the outcomes, the challenges and how they overcame them.

Partners agreed on a division of the work, according to which two partners will be in charge of developing each methodological material’s chapter.

Moreover, the meeting was the occasion to present to partners the Impact+ tool, that is used in order to define the expected impact of the project on the main target groups and stakeholders. Partners discussed also transversal activities such as risk management, dissemination, quality and assessment and exploitation.

Partners had the chance to visit the school and the city of Kėdainiai during a guided tour, enjoying the time spent together.

2nd Transnational project meeting

The 2nd meeting was held in Burgas, Bulgaria in May-June, 2022.

The second transnational meeting of our project TREE was organized by Zinev Art Technologies on 31st May and 1st June 2022 in Burgas, Bulgaria.

The meeting was the occasion for project partners to discuss about the finalization of the first project result, that is the Methodological Material. Partners agreed to carry out a peer review of the chapters developed so far and to improve them according to the feedback received before translating them in their national languages.

Moreover, partners share ideas about the development of the second result of the project, the TREE Training Course. They discuss about the topics to be addressed, the practical activities that will be included and the assessment tools.

The meeting was really fruitful as it was the occasion to take some important decision and spend some time together working on the project.

3rd Transnational project meeting

The 3rd meeting was held in Kaunas, Lithuania in 16th-17th October, 2023.

The 3rd transnational project meeting for the TREE project took place on October 16th to 17th, 2023, in Lithuania, hosted by VšĮ “eMundus”.

Zornitsa Staneva from Bulgaria non-formal educational institution “Zinev Art Technologies” provided an overview of the finalized book chapters of TREE Methodological Material, emphasizing that the content had been developed, tested, and completed.

Živilė Navikienė from S.A.F.E. Projects (the Netherlands) outlined the training program, stating its development, testing, and finalization.

Juri Gerzanitš from Valga County Vocational Training Centre (Estonia) presented the outcomes of training sessions with teachers and students in Estonia, involving 5 teachers and 187 students.

Edita Rudminaitė from VšĮ “eMundus” showcased the open educational resources platform’s components, including short lessons, practical activities, and assessment tools. There were noted improvements in lessons after student testing, involving language simplification, grammar correction, and layout enhancements. External testing conducted by an IT teacher resulted in positive feedback regarding the accuracy, relevance, organization, and accessibility of the materials. However, suggestions for improvement were made, such as providing feedback for wrong answers, reducing text density on slides, and refining slide content.

Additionally, discussions included the TREE Database, dissemination efforts, and plans for exploitation and sustainability. Partners presented dissemination statuses, with each partner required to select their best dissemination event. The meeting highlighted the project’s significant progress, including finalized materials, positive external testing feedback, and ongoing dissemination strategies, while also addressing areas for improvement to enhance the learning experience for VET students and educators.

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