Training for trainers

The short-term joint staff training event will particularly impact on partners organization’s participants and on the quality of project’s outputs. Regarding impact on partners, involvement in this training event will increase their knowledge and competences on project’s thematic areas. It will also allow the establishment of a stronger cooperation between teachers, experts in the field of education and sustainable development, providing them the opportunity to understand each other’s point of view. It is this same cooperation, in fact, that will guarantee the development of project’s results of good quality.

Moreover, this event will also support all partners to become good “trainers of trainers” and acquire the skills needed to train teachers for the subsequent phase of the project, which will be the testing of TREE Training Programme in partner and associated partner VET schools.

Training will take place in the Nedherlands, October 2022.

Leading organization: S.A.F.E. Projects


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