Methodological material (e-book) >>

The aim of this result is to effectively define the contents and the structure of the course regarding circular economy and sustainability, through research and literature reviews carried out by each partner.

Each partner had involved at least 5 sustainable enterprises sending them questionnaires, in order to find out which green skills and competences are relevant for them and should be taught in a VET course.

In this way the methodological materials took into consideration the needs and priorities of each partner country in terms of CE and sustainability, the skills and knowledge sought by businesses, the good practices already used in teaching these topics to students, and the needs of VET schools.

Training programme

The aim of this result is to develop a training course on CE and sustainability for VET students, defining tools, teaching materials, course modules and practical activities to be carried out in class or in students’ everyday life.

Partners  created a training programme divided in two “macro sections”. The first one  provides a general overview of topics related to sustainability and the CE, while the second section includes more detailed information on how sustainability and the green transition is affecting the sectors of plastics, wood and agrifood.

The first part of the training programme mainly aims at raising VET students ecological awareness and promote the adoption of “green habits”.  The second part of the programme is concerned with infusing them with concrete knowledge and “green skills” for the job market.

Training course provides teachers of VET schools with teaching materials and methods ready to be used in their classes and to be included in their regular school activity.

Being provided online, the course can be easily integrated into schools’ training programme also during distance learning periods which have become very frequent due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The course is based on “micro-learning” methodology  and  consist of short interactive lessons/chunks of information (15-20 min), that can be taught by teachers and assimilated by students at any time.

Circular economy and sustainability lessons’ online platform 

The platform are freely accessible.

The platform contains short lessons about EC and sustainability, in both slideshow and interactive slides form,  the description of the practical activities and useful tips, suggestions for the project-work.

Training course platform

General part: Circular Economy; Education for Sustainable development (ESD), Sustainability >>

Plastic >>

Agrifood >>

Wood >>

Questionaire >>

Practical activities >>

Part of the platform is the database of companies, NGO’s and educational institutions, that adopt CE and sustainable develompment practices in their activities.

Here you can find organizations in Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Netherlands descriptions >>, emphasizing what circular and sustainable development processes, circular economy principles, inovations organization applies in their activities.

Events >> and activities that organization are organizing/implementing, related to circular economy or sustainable development.

The results developed in our project are considered as  tangible deliverables and elaborated materials related to the project.

The result contains the element of innovation, contribute to the general objective of the project, show potential impact within the organizations (mainly VET, green companies, NGOs who cooperate with educational institutions) and as much as possible within other sectors (Secondary education, Adults education, Higher education) and different levels (local, national, international) in order to exploit and to disseminate it to a wider public.

The results are substantial in quality and quantity for given grant support by European Commission. All results developed within the project have free access for the public and also have an educational purpose.

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