Lithuanian associated partners


Nr. Organization Type Website
1. Private limited liability company (PLLC) “Kauno vandenys” Company
2. Raseiniai school of Technology and Business VET school
3. Private limited liability company (PLLC) “Transporto vystymo grupė” Company
4. Vilkija Agricultural vocational school VET school
5. Elektrėnai vocational school VET school
6. Kaunas Technology education centre VET school
7. Private limited liability company (PLLC) „Grantukas“ Company
8. Association of Lithuanian Berry Growers NGO
9. Karalius Mindaugas Vocational training centre VET school
10. Kėdainiai Education Support Service Budgetary institution
11. Lithuanian Sports University Kėdainių „Aušros” progymnasium Progymnasium
12. Visaginas Technology and Business Vocational Training Center VET school
13. Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) University
14. Kaunas Jonas and Petras Vileišiai school Secondary school
15. Kaunas Simonas Daukantas Progymnasium Secondary school
16. Kaunas Juozas Grušas art gymnasium Secondary school
17. Raseiniai “Šaltinis” progymnasium Secondary school
18. Panevėžys Training Center VET school
19. Lithuanian Association of Distance and e-Learning (LieDM) Association


The Netherlands associated partners


Nr. Organization Type Website
1. Fenan consulting Company
2. Stichting Surplus Company
3. VIONE consultancy Company
4. Bezinger Psy Consulting Company
5. Shoon-Gezond Company
6. Stichting Thick Present NGO
7. Youth Initiative Center NGO

Bulgarian associated partners


Nr. Organization Type Website
1. Vidin Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber of commerce, NGO
2. Sofia Vocational School in Electronics “John Atanasov” VET school
3. Gorna Oryahovitsa Vocational School in Electronics and Electrotechnics “M. V. Lomonosov” VET school
4. – Site for Bulgarian education and culture NGO
5. Plovdid VET school in food technologies and equipment VET school
6. Biotechnological school Shumatovac VET school
7. Vocational high school for tourism “Aleko Konstantinov” VET school
8. Vocational school of mechanoelectronics and electronics VET school
9. Vocational school of catering, trade and service VET school
10. Vocational school of agriculture “G.M. Dimitrov” VET school
11. Regional partnerships for sustainable development NGO
12. Ecologica Company

Estonian associated partners


Nr. Organization Type Website
1. Ida-Virumaa Kutsehariduskeskuse VET School
2. Spordiklubi BC Karjamaa NGO
3. Olustvere Teenindus- ja Maamajanduskool web VET School
4. FOOD & FUN OÜ Association
5. Yo Mana OÜ Organization

The project seeks to involve VET centres, companies, that adopt green practices and CE principles and NGO’s that operates in environment protection, CE, inovation and others fields to cooperate as associated partners.

Institutions will be involved in activies:

  • Participate in research activities (questionnaire) expressing opinion about activities/projects/challenges related to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and/or Circular Economy, for example, good practices/projects in that area, challenges met, questions to be solved, etc.
  • Acknowledge with project results (research, methodological material, other)
  • Individuate and involve at least 2 teachers/trainers and their classes (more or less 40-50 students) in the testing of project results
  • Participate in evaluation of project results
  • Participate in 1 training on ESD, green skills and circular economy
  • Share experience with other teachers
  • Review Methodological material, test it in practise (in class) and give feedback to project coordinator
  • Disseminate project idea and outcomes
  • Participate in exploitation and in sustainability processes (use created results)
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