Associated partners

The project seeks to involve VET centres, companies, that adopt green practices and CE principles and NGO’s that operates in environment protection, CE, inovation and others fields to cooperate as associated partners.

Institutions will be involved in activies:

  • Participate in research activities (questionnaire) expressing opinion about activities/projects/challenges related to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and/or Circular Economy, for example, good practices/projects in that area, challenges met, questions to be solved, etc.
  • Acknowledge with project results (research, methodological material, other)
  • Individuate and involve at least 2 teachers/trainers and their classes (more or less 40-50 students) in the testing of project results
  • Participate in evaluation of project results
  • Participate in 1 training on ESD, green skills and circular economy
  • Share experience with other teachers
  • Review Methodological material, test it in practise (in class) and give feedback to project coordinator
  • Disseminate project idea and outcomes
  • Participate in exploitation and in sustainability processes (use created results)
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